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The biggest misconception professionals have today is that they think that the 'job' and their 'career' are the same. Though 'job' is a sub-set of 'career', they are not the same. As a result, professionals spend their life struggling to build a career and often approaches job search specialists when they are in deep crisis/frustration.

A career is a responsibility and must be carefully planned and navigated through the thick and thin of the career journey. We partner as 'career strategists' with professionals ranging from CEOs to leadership teams to front-line employees and help them solve their career dilemmas in a more structured and scientific manner. We believe that dream careers are those which fulfill you intellectually, financially, and emotionally while making a significant impact in your chosen field.

Our Career Coaching programs are uniquely designed to help professionals deal with a wide and complex range of issues like career stagnation, job loss, job redundancy, career transition, career restart, etc. Our programs are customizable as 'individual sessions' or 'group sessions' (depending upon your need, affordability, and criticality).

As a part of the process, our career coaches adopt the 3 pronged approaches:

Career Assessments

You will be required to go through career assessments to help you discover your interests, strengths, work styles, and much more.

Actionable Career Road Map

Based on your career assessment, our career coaches understand your unique career challenges, and your career journey and then create a customized and actionable career roadmap for you to take the next big step.

Coaching Sessions

Our programs are designed in the form of a series of ‘coaching sessions’ based on the carefully crafted career road map. We have a clear objective so that professionals can choose and excel in their field based on their values, strengths & skills and make informed career decisions in the long run.

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