Resume Building

A resume is just not a piece of document that showcase your profile. Rather, the resume is a curtain raiser for your achievement in front of a prospective employer who only gives a maximum 20-second glimpse to a resume. Since it is such an important piece, the resume should not be drafted - it should be crafted!

Our certified resume writers craft well-researched, structurally optimized, and crisped resumes for every professional level - across functions and industries. Rest assured, whether you're a seasoned executive who needs to focus on your career accomplishment to build a solid brand or a college graduate taking your first baby steps toward a new career journey, we have all covered.

So far, our resume writers have written hundreds of customized resumes for a variety of diverse job titles across functions, industries, and serviced clients globally. We have honed the skill of designing crisped and compelling resumes by adopting robust strategies for showcasing your career achievements, niche skills, and valuable contributions with the right blend of required vital information.

With all modesty, we claim that at beewise by now we know exactly what a hiring manager looks into a resume for content, style, and presentation. We believe that all resumes must portray the distinctive value and leadership capabilities of professionals with effective strong storytelling.

All our resumes are accompanied by a personalized cover letter that gives a personal touch to your job search.

We follow a simple 3 step process to design your resume. This is how the process flows.

Structured Questionnaire

Upon sign-off for the services, our team will share with you the detailed questionnaire to capture all relevant details about your profile. This scientifically designed questionnaire will be the foundation for your new resume and will capture information related to your demographic details, career chronology, achievements, and job preferences.

First Draft

Based on the questionnaire submitted by you and a copy of your old resume (if available), our team will re-build your resume within 7 business days (don't worry we do have express service at a little extra cost). Our resume writer will ensure that your resume is inserted with keywords that easily pass the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) test.

Final Copy

You will receive the final resume after incorporating all your suggestions. You have the option to get your resume revised within 30 days should there be a need to make changes as per your requirement.

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